What are difficulties managing large scale Cisco UCS server forms located in multiple locations?

- Have a centralized inventory of what resources you have in each site. - Efficiently monitor the resources and make sure that you are not underutilizing your resources or in a balanced manner. - Keep an eye on every compute on every compute and storage nodes. Monitor each RAID 0 or RAID 10 array on the Compute nodes, JBODS, RAID 5/6 on storage nodes. - Watch the disk health, get alerted in advance if a disk is going to fail on one of your remote datacenter. - Monitor traffic on each vNIC and pNICs. - Monitor your storage network configured with JUMBO frames for any errors. - Monitor your CPU and Memory usage and failures regardless of what Operating system you are using without the hassle of knowing how to integrate multiple different monitoring solutions, which are not totally compatible with your Cisco UCS infrastructure. - Monitor the power usage and temperature issues on Chassis to blade level. - Have a centralized firmware inventory of your global UCS infrastructure with multiple geo locations. - Keeping up with the historical data of your inventory and status data without worrying about buying a dedicated storage for it and backing it up. - Get alerted for any possible failures beforehand. - Creating a forecast on your infrastructure growth, come up with a precise budget request for future hardware needs. - Monitor your service profiles and associations - Monitor both your UCS B-series and C-Series servers using one single cloud based monitoring solution.